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Posted on October 5, 2016 By Dominion

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Haymarket, Gainesville residents legal fight against the laying of new high-voltage line by Dominion Power to feed Amazon’s power hungry data centers.

Posted on September 30, 2016 By Dominion

In the last week of August the Coalition’s attorneys countered Dominion Power’s request for reconsideration in the Haymarket transmission line case.

The Coalition attorneys emphasized on following facts:
Dominion’s appeal has no lawful grounds to be endorsed or entertained legally; Dominion’s claim that State Corporation Commission (SCC) Staff used “new evidence” which turned out to be false, simply implied that the Staff applied existing evidence in a way Dominion did not like; and Dominion and their attorneys really just wanted the last word after flubbing earlier arguments and hearings.

With all legal formalities and discourses in progress, it completely rests in the hands of the SCC Hearing Examiner and Commissioners to decide the next steps and the way forward in this legal battle that has been going on for a while now.

For Haymarket residents and everyone who has actively been participating in this fight against large corporations that audaciously disregard social welfare and environmental sensitivities. This legal battle has certainly emboldened and empowered local residents to rise against money greedy corporations like Dominion Power and Amazon. Who are hell bent on achieving just one goal, “to make money and to fund pet projects with complete disregard for the social and ecological fabric that forms the very essence of the area/s where these dollar rich corporations want to execute their projects.” Not for the welfare of the local residents but purely because they want to cut down on their expenses by encroaching on the freedom and rights of local residents. Haymarket area being the best example!

Haymarket residents have endured the legal trials and seem to be in no mood to give up what is rightfully theirs, “ peace of mind and a secure future for the next generation!”

Latest on Dominion Power Line in Haymarket – Prince William County

Posted on August 9, 2016 By Dominion

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On Friday, August 5th 2016, SCC Hearing Examiner vetted legal briefs from all participants. SCC attorneys left no stone unturned in order to facilitate a just and an unbiased examining process of the details and supporting documents furnished in support of respective legal justifications given by both parities i.e. Dominion Power in alliance with Amazon and residents of Haymarket area who have opposed the laying of high voltage power line in their residential area, because it sabotages the environment and also depreciates the property values.

If the Hearing Examiner is convinced that the power transmission line, which Dominion Power claims, is for the overall benefit of the Haymarket residents is actually a farce created by Dominion Power. And is exclusively meant to supply power to Amazon Data centers. Thus making this high voltage power line an “Extension Cord” solely meant to benefit Amazon. Under this scenario, it is only fair that Amazon bear the cots associated with this extension cord using the only possible route, I66 and partially buried. If this is established legally, Haymarket residents will certainly have a reason to rejoice.

The Hearing Examiner’s recommendation will not be published in matter of few days, for now it is a wait and watch game that may last several weeks. Based on the Hearing Examiner’s recommendation, the SCC Commissioners will form their verdict and decide the fate of this legal battle that has been going on for quite a while now.

Hopefully all of the hard work, speaking out publicly, writing letters, participating in rallies and financial donations made by the residents of Haymarket Area will pay off and the verdict will be in favor of every resident of Prince William County. But one thing is for sure “the battle is not over yet!”

Haymarket 230kV Line and Substation Project

Posted on July 25, 2016 By Dominion


Dominion power in coalition with Amazon plotted against the residents of Haymarket area. But the sentient and responsible residents of Haymarket area retaliated with strong will and determination to not let go what rightfully belonged to them and their future generations.

Dominion Power and Amazon sought help from financially favored lobbyists and legislators but to no avail. They tried hard to disrupt Prince William County zoning reforms which diluted their right to lay power lines in the area because the primary beneficiaries of this project were not the residents of Prince William County but the cash rich master of Dominion Power – Amazon – interested in developing Data Centers within Haymarket area.

August 5th has been set as the deadline for the legal representatives of both parties to offer their final arguments. Attorneys representing local residents of Haymarket area will argue in favor of Amazon paying for the safe and environment friendly laying of the power lines – Haymarket 230kV Line and Substation Project – Till then Dominion Virginia Power (Dominion) and its accomplice Amazon ( Amzn ) may think of some other tactic to subvert the final, decision which in every likelihood will be in favor of the residents of Haymarket Area.

Moreover it is time for Dominion Virginia Power (D) and Amazon (AMZN) to realize, “You only have power over people so long as you don’t take everything away from them. But when you’ve robbed a man of everything, he’s no longer in your power – he’s free again!

Kudos to the selfless act of Haymarket residents; and to the overwhelming support and participation received from the residents of Prince William County.

Haymarket is unlike Amazon’s Monopolist Online Market!

Posted on June 30, 2016 By Dominion


Residents of Haymarket area are not willing to give up their fight against ecommerce giant Amazon and Dominion Power. Who are willing to ignore environmental and property devaluation crisis residents of Haymarket area will have to face if the proposed substation and high-voltage lines in Haymarket and Gainesville area are approved.
Recently Coalition executive director Elena Schlossberg stated, “The Coalition’s argument has changed the dynamic in the battle over Dominion’s proposed substation and high-voltage lines in Haymarket and Gainesville. Much discussion centered on the principle that a single private customer – Amazon – should not reap private benefits at the expense of ratepayers or property owners, in part because Amazon knew the site lacked sufficient infrastructure.”

As a last and shameful resort Dominion Power loomed in political honchos to safeguard the business interests of their cash rich friend Dominion Power who is acting like a puppet at the hands of even richer patron Amazon. Moreover on realizing “home court advantage” dwindling, Dominion Power approached lobbyists from two Chambers of Commerce and the Northern Virginia Technology Council to prevent the principle that corporations should play by the same rules as individual property owners from becoming a precedent. However, they all failed to perceive a basic fact, “the residents of Haymarket area were chasing a selfless mission only aimed at passing on a healthy environment to the future generations.” And their strength lay in their numbers and singularity in purpose. The united residents of Prince William County have indeed proven, “ no force is greater than the force of unity!”

Dominion has been disregardful towards the actual local authority and expertise by involving and depending on outsiders to resolve a case that directly affects and matters a lot to local residents of western Prince William County where Dominion’s proposed substation and high-voltage lines were to be laid to feed the business interests of Amazon.
The residents of Haymarket area and all those who supported this mission in whatsoever way possible, have many reasons to feel proud. Primarily because, under all circumstances residents of Prince William County stood as a united community, leaving Dominion power surprised to bite the dust. This legal battle also highlights the arrogance and ignorance of Dominion Power. In its bid to win a losing legal battle Dominion Power in alliance with Amazon resorted to every possible tactic to change the tide in their favor. But at the end justice prevailed and the united residents of Haymarket area continue to have an impact.

The battle is not over yet, as the residents are bracing for August 5th deadline for legal briefs with a dependable, precedent-setting argument: “Amazon should bear the cost involved with the undergrounding of the power lines.” Wherein Amazon may have to pay the excess cost, estimated at $115 million!

Amazon in Haymarket Battle!

Posted on June 13, 2016 By Dominion


Amazon maybe the ecommerce giant with other investment interests but it certainly is in no mood to comply with the legal directives issued by Virginia’s Corporation Commission Staff. According to which Dominion’s proposed power line to Haymarket is for a single customer – Amazon Data Center – and it is this customer who is liable to pay for the line extension, and that placing the 230 KV extension partially underground is the least damaging for the environment and for the residents who live within this area.

Based on the evaluations of SCC Staff, Dominion Power was unable to justify the need for the project without the Customers request for service to the Haymarket Project. The Staff also emphasized on the fact that the line extension may be viewed as an extension of electrical service to a new customer, therefore, may be subject to cost allocations. According to SCC Staff report, Amazon may have to pay the excess cost, estimated at $115 million.

Moreover according to the report, if Amazon wants to build a data center six miles from an industrial zoned area, In that case it becomes the liability of Amazon’s stockholders to bear the cost and not Dominion Power’s customers. SCC Staff also reiterated on the fact “Under no circumstances can the residents’ quality of life be compromised with nor can their investments in their homes be degenerated by Amazon’s decision to build a data center away from an industrial zoned area within the county.

It has been a long battle for the residents of Haymarket area and their efforts certainly appear to have borne fruit eventually. But for now, Amazon appears to be hell-bent on not complying with this new legal directive that makes it compulsory for the ecommerce giant to take into consideration the welfare of residents and not to deplete their property values, just because Amazon fancies to build a data center far away from Industrial Area.

The residents of Haymarket area have united once again to continue to contact the SCC and ask them to urge the ecommerce giant, Amazon to bear the cost involved with the undergrounding of the power lines. The fight has certainly not ceased yet and to express your views we invite you to encourage continuing to contact SCC and express your views at: Please ensure to include the Case # PUE-2015-00107 in the subject line. We have come thus far; why not go a little further!

Victory for Residents of Prince William County!

Posted on May 25, 2016 By Dominion

On May 18, 2016 the Prince William County Board of Supervisors voted 7-1 to endorse Zoning Text Amendment A, which supports appropriate siting of data centres and supporting infrastructure, including electrical substations.

This certainly is a landmark win for the citizens of Prince William County who stayed true to their cause of protecting the environment and ensuring that they pass on a healthy ecosystem to the future generations. It was purely because of their sincere efforts and that of Planning director, Chris Price, and his staff, and the coordination offered by Supervisor Jeanine Lawson’s staff that Zoning Text Amendment A has been adopted into a law.

stop dominion power tower  Protect Prince William County

The citizens of Dominion Valley Haymarket can rest a little easier with the assurance that the data centres and their necessary infrastructure will be sited appropriately, with reasonable oversight.

With Zoning Text Amendment a law now,  Businesses like Dominion Virginia power will have to consult their proposal with the County Board of Supervisors, so that they can approve it and put it into effect, and this also means the citizens of the county can put forward their concerns and influence the fate of the project if it is not environment friendly and degrades the existing ecosystem.

Coalition executive director Elena Schlossberg added categorically, “It’s easy to miss how important ZTA A will be. The Dominion-Amazon extension cord debacle uncovered an ambiguity in county permitting. And this is not because of the data centre itself, but because the site lacks necessary infrastructure – electrical power, in this case. So instead of employing the same level of regulatory examination that a cellphone tower or Chik-Fil-A drive-through receive, we get secrecy, an overhead extension cord, eroded property values, and years of community chaos. Frankly, the vagueness and volatility of the status quo benefits no one. ZTA A means use and support will be attended together, in a proven and reliable process, with citizen and supervisor input.”

For now it is celebration time for the citizens of Prince William County!

Coalition to Protect Prince William County

Posted on May 13, 2016 By Dominion

Overwhelming participation and display of enthusiasm by the residents of Gainesville and Haymarket area tells a lot about their strong will and an indomitable attitude to fight against all odds in order to save the area they call their home. Recently, despite of hail, thunder and torrential rain, several hundred residents came out for another SCC hearing on May 2. It was unbelievable that so many residents had gathered at one place just to testify and be heard.

But SCC officials had made poor arrangements for this local hearing and as a result the hearing had to be abruptly shut down. The citizens who had signed up to speak were not permitted their time in court. The way the hearing was initially disrupted and eventually ended, appeared premeditated and the events surrounding this entire drama staged by the SCC officials was orchestrated at the instructions of their masters who seem to have developed some sort of nexus with Amazon.

Residents of Gainesville and Haymarket area are determined to be heard and they want to ensure they receive what is rightfully theirs. The residents have always and shall continue to emphasize that the only suitable option for the Dominion Power 230kV and Haymarket Substation project to support amazon’s Data Center in Haymarket is to bury the lines along the 1-66 corridor.

The battle is not over yet and the Residents of Gainesville and Haymarket are not tired yet either. The next important event that will require citizen involvement is the County Board of Supervisors vote on the Zoning Text Amendment, Alternative A, on Tuesday, May 17 at 07:30 PM . It will be a decisive voting and hopefully the efforts of local residents to Protect Prince William County will bear fruit.

Pending Final Verdict

Posted on May 10, 2016 By Dominion

Residents of Prince William County are close to winning their legal battle against Virginia Power that has proposed power project in Dominion Valley Haymarket without considering the welfare of the local residents and the social and environmental impact this project will have on the region and the lives of people who have been living here for many years now.

On April 20, 2016 planning commissioners of the county collectively acquiesced in approving Alternative A for the Zoning Text Amendment (ZTA) Achieving this significant milestone would not have been possible without the selfless and relentless efforts of local residents whose priority was the general welfare and well being of all residents and protection of environment from potential negative impact, had the proposed power project been approved. The local residents spoke their mind and their efforts certainly appear to have borne fruit.

However, all this would not have been possible without the scrupulous hearing procedures facilitated by Planning director, Chris Price, and his staff, and the coordination offered by Supervisor Jeanine Lawson’s staff. It was due to their consecrated efforts that Planning Staff, citizens and industry reps received a common platform to address befitting countywide zoning need for data centers, substations, and computer and network services. The result of this work is the Planning Commission’s recommendation of alternative A, which will lay down guidelines, definitions, and oversight mechanism that classifies county zoning districts based on industry requirements without interfering with the commercial interests of all citizens alike while preventing private property, historical resources and environment from any possible negative impact.

But the battle is not over yet. According to the legal procedure, the final step is for the County Board of Supervisors to approve the Alternative A ZTA. Only the approval of Alternative A ZTA will put it into effect countrywide, and to begin with, in Haymarket!

Recently on May 6, 2016 the SCC sent new interrogatories to Dominion Wherein they are exploring additional route options (Wheeler, New Rd.), besides the 5 routes proposed by Dominion in their application. And asking other hard-hitting questions – Stay tuned to read more and latest on this topic.