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Haymarket, Gainesville residents legal fight against the laying of new high-voltage line by Dominion Power to feed Amazon’s power hungry data centers.

Posted on September 30, 2016 By Dominion

In the last week of August the Coalition’s attorneys countered Dominion Power’s request for reconsideration in the Haymarket transmission line case.

The Coalition attorneys emphasized on following facts:
Dominion’s appeal has no lawful grounds to be endorsed or entertained legally; Dominion’s claim that State Corporation Commission (SCC) Staff used “new evidence” which turned out to be false, simply implied that the Staff applied existing evidence in a way Dominion did not like; and Dominion and their attorneys really just wanted the last word after flubbing earlier arguments and hearings.

With all legal formalities and discourses in progress, it completely rests in the hands of the SCC Hearing Examiner and Commissioners to decide the next steps and the way forward in this legal battle that has been going on for a while now.

For Haymarket residents and everyone who has actively been participating in this fight against large corporations that audaciously disregard social welfare and environmental sensitivities. This legal battle has certainly emboldened and empowered local residents to rise against money greedy corporations like Dominion Power and Amazon. Who are hell bent on achieving just one goal, “to make money and to fund pet projects with complete disregard for the social and ecological fabric that forms the very essence of the area/s where these dollar rich corporations want to execute their projects.” Not for the welfare of the local residents but purely because they want to cut down on their expenses by encroaching on the freedom and rights of local residents. Haymarket area being the best example!

Haymarket residents have endured the legal trials and seem to be in no mood to give up what is rightfully theirs, “ peace of mind and a secure future for the next generation!”