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Latest on Dominion Power Line in Haymarket – Prince William County

Posted on August 9, 2016 By Dominion

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On Friday, August 5th 2016, SCC Hearing Examiner vetted legal briefs from all participants. SCC attorneys left no stone unturned in order to facilitate a just and an unbiased examining process of the details and supporting documents furnished in support of respective legal justifications given by both parities i.e. Dominion Power in alliance with Amazon and residents of Haymarket area who have opposed the laying of high voltage power line in their residential area, because it sabotages the environment and also depreciates the property values.

If the Hearing Examiner is convinced that the power transmission line, which Dominion Power claims, is for the overall benefit of the Haymarket residents is actually a farce created by Dominion Power. And is exclusively meant to supply power to Amazon Data centers. Thus making this high voltage power line an “Extension Cord” solely meant to benefit Amazon. Under this scenario, it is only fair that Amazon bear the cots associated with this extension cord using the only possible route, I66 and partially buried. If this is established legally, Haymarket residents will certainly have a reason to rejoice.

The Hearing Examiner’s recommendation will not be published in matter of few days, for now it is a wait and watch game that may last several weeks. Based on the Hearing Examiner’s recommendation, the SCC Commissioners will form their verdict and decide the fate of this legal battle that has been going on for quite a while now.

Hopefully all of the hard work, speaking out publicly, writing letters, participating in rallies and financial donations made by the residents of Haymarket Area will pay off and the verdict will be in favor of every resident of Prince William County. But one thing is for sure “the battle is not over yet!”