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Haymarket is unlike Amazon’s Monopolist Online Market!

Posted on June 30, 2016 By Dominion


Residents of Haymarket area are not willing to give up their fight against ecommerce giant Amazon and Dominion Power. Who are willing to ignore environmental and property devaluation crisis residents of Haymarket area will have to face if the proposed substation and high-voltage lines in Haymarket and Gainesville area are approved.
Recently Coalition executive director Elena Schlossberg stated, “The Coalition’s argument has changed the dynamic in the battle over Dominion’s proposed substation and high-voltage lines in Haymarket and Gainesville. Much discussion centered on the principle that a single private customer – Amazon – should not reap private benefits at the expense of ratepayers or property owners, in part because Amazon knew the site lacked sufficient infrastructure.”

As a last and shameful resort Dominion Power loomed in political honchos to safeguard the business interests of their cash rich friend Dominion Power who is acting like a puppet at the hands of even richer patron Amazon. Moreover on realizing “home court advantage” dwindling, Dominion Power approached lobbyists from two Chambers of Commerce and the Northern Virginia Technology Council to prevent the principle that corporations should play by the same rules as individual property owners from becoming a precedent. However, they all failed to perceive a basic fact, “the residents of Haymarket area were chasing a selfless mission only aimed at passing on a healthy environment to the future generations.” And their strength lay in their numbers and singularity in purpose. The united residents of Prince William County have indeed proven, “ no force is greater than the force of unity!”

Dominion has been disregardful towards the actual local authority and expertise by involving and depending on outsiders to resolve a case that directly affects and matters a lot to local residents of western Prince William County where Dominion’s proposed substation and high-voltage lines were to be laid to feed the business interests of Amazon.
The residents of Haymarket area and all those who supported this mission in whatsoever way possible, have many reasons to feel proud. Primarily because, under all circumstances residents of Prince William County stood as a united community, leaving Dominion power surprised to bite the dust. This legal battle also highlights the arrogance and ignorance of Dominion Power. In its bid to win a losing legal battle Dominion Power in alliance with Amazon resorted to every possible tactic to change the tide in their favor. But at the end justice prevailed and the united residents of Haymarket area continue to have an impact.

The battle is not over yet, as the residents are bracing for August 5th deadline for legal briefs with a dependable, precedent-setting argument: “Amazon should bear the cost involved with the undergrounding of the power lines.” Wherein Amazon may have to pay the excess cost, estimated at $115 million!