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Amazon in Haymarket Battle!

Posted on June 13, 2016 By Dominion


Amazon maybe the ecommerce giant with other investment interests but it certainly is in no mood to comply with the legal directives issued by Virginia’s Corporation Commission Staff. According to which Dominion’s proposed power line to Haymarket is for a single customer – Amazon Data Center – and it is this customer who is liable to pay for the line extension, and that placing the 230 KV extension partially underground is the least damaging for the environment and for the residents who live within this area.

Based on the evaluations of SCC Staff, Dominion Power was unable to justify the need for the project without the Customers request for service to the Haymarket Project. The Staff also emphasized on the fact that the line extension may be viewed as an extension of electrical service to a new customer, therefore, may be subject to cost allocations. According to SCC Staff report, Amazon may have to pay the excess cost, estimated at $115 million.

Moreover according to the report, if Amazon wants to build a data center six miles from an industrial zoned area, In that case it becomes the liability of Amazon’s stockholders to bear the cost and not Dominion Power’s customers. SCC Staff also reiterated on the fact “Under no circumstances can the residents’ quality of life be compromised with nor can their investments in their homes be degenerated by Amazon’s decision to build a data center away from an industrial zoned area within the county.

It has been a long battle for the residents of Haymarket area and their efforts certainly appear to have borne fruit eventually. But for now, Amazon appears to be hell-bent on not complying with this new legal directive that makes it compulsory for the ecommerce giant to take into consideration the welfare of residents and not to deplete their property values, just because Amazon fancies to build a data center far away from Industrial Area.

The residents of Haymarket area have united once again to continue to contact the SCC and ask them to urge the ecommerce giant, Amazon to bear the cost involved with the undergrounding of the power lines. The fight has certainly not ceased yet and to express your views we invite you to encourage continuing to contact SCC and express your views at: Please ensure to include the Case # PUE-2015-00107 in the subject line. We have come thus far; why not go a little further!