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Coalition to Protect Prince William County

Posted on May 13, 2016 By Dominion

Overwhelming participation and display of enthusiasm by the residents of Gainesville and Haymarket area tells a lot about their strong will and an indomitable attitude to fight against all odds in order to save the area they call their home. Recently, despite of hail, thunder and torrential rain, several hundred residents came out for another SCC hearing on May 2. It was unbelievable that so many residents had gathered at one place just to testify and be heard.

But SCC officials had made poor arrangements for this local hearing and as a result the hearing had to be abruptly shut down. The citizens who had signed up to speak were not permitted their time in court. The way the hearing was initially disrupted and eventually ended, appeared premeditated and the events surrounding this entire drama staged by the SCC officials was orchestrated at the instructions of their masters who seem to have developed some sort of nexus with Amazon.

Residents of Gainesville and Haymarket area are determined to be heard and they want to ensure they receive what is rightfully theirs. The residents have always and shall continue to emphasize that the only suitable option for the Dominion Power 230kV and Haymarket Substation project to support amazon’s Data Center in Haymarket is to bury the lines along the 1-66 corridor.

The battle is not over yet and the Residents of Gainesville and Haymarket are not tired yet either. The next important event that will require citizen involvement is the County Board of Supervisors vote on the Zoning Text Amendment, Alternative A, on Tuesday, May 17 at 07:30 PM . It will be a decisive voting and hopefully the efforts of local residents to Protect Prince William County will bear fruit.