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Idly standing by will result in the destruction of our community, while profits to investors climb ever higher! The loss of our home value is directly going into the pockets of the corporation’s because of a lack of concern for the communities they are affecting! Allowing the company to profit with the least amount of expense to infrastructure to keep profits.

Little concern for affected areas equal’s massive profits for the company! Rather then respecting their fellow American clients property, with less detrimental installations.

Property Value

As, confirmed by home assessment professionals. Any home that rests on the buffer zone sitting next to the proposed power lines will lose a retail value of 15-25%.

Noise Pollution

An eternal electrical tone emitted from the lines as long as they are in use. During rain and high moisture conditions the sound will be amplified.

The legal limit of sound emitted from the lines is 55 db.

Examples of a 55 dB tone:

Mental degradation through aesthetics

The fashion industry worldwide drew in $186 Billion in 2014, showing how much we as humans revere our surroundings and ascetics. Dominion Power drives over pristine untouched land and installs 150 foot degrading structures and surround’s them with dead zones to convey that their installations don’t lower morale. This is simply not true!


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All that we ask is that you spread the word about us and stay involved in the process. Corporations have to abide by certain procedures when destroying communities and if no one says anything then their mission is easy. Making a habit of spending 5 min a day can make all the difference in the world! Share, be vocal, contribute, just do anything but sit back. By the time you notice negative effects its too late…


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